Testing batteries with an hydrometer.

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I read somewhere to test batteries with an hydrometer. How is it done and what would I watch out for and what does the resulting test mean.


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    Try searching for

    "trojan hydrometer battery testing"

    On google. You can find lots of documentation and even some videos.

    -Bill (using my phone) B.
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    Thank you BB
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    Also, Surrette Battery has some good information on battery maintenance on their site, under " Solutions ".

    Here is their information on measuring SG of Flooded batteries:

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    Those recommended links where very informative.

    Could you folks recommend where to buy a hydrometer and what kind of hydrometer to buy.

    Well, I guess checking the charge with an hydrometer is more exact?
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    The Hydrovolt is the best hydrometer I have ever used in over 50 years of dealing with FLA batteries of all kinds.

    Keep a jug of distilled water handy so you can rinse thoroughly after use.
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