Solar collection system on athletic fields

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I manage a sports complex with several types of athletic fields. For example, we have eight baseball fields, four LAX fields and four soccer fields. These fields are used roughly 100 days a year. Are you aware of any system that can be "installed" or "erected", but then moved relatively easily for weekends during the ball season. Or, a system that could be left in place for periods up to 90 or perhaps 120 days and then dismantled and stored during baseball season?


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    Would it be easier to put the panels over the seating areas? Could provide shade which would be most welcome.
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    In general, grid tied / utility interactive systems are fixed installs... Besides the building permits for the array (wind loading, snow loading in other areas), you have to have a billing agreement with the utility for a meter/billing/rate plan.

    I don't know of any utility (not that I know much) that would really work well with a mobile solar array. Also, moving a solar array on weekends/place to place--Besides having the electrical and structural safety, there is the issue that these panels are single weight window glass (tempered)--So it is not difficult to shatter the glass/puncture the rear membrane--Either of which will kill the panel.

    So, back to what it was you want... Is this to provide shading for spectators (always a risk of damage from balls/etc.)--A grid tied system is usually used to offset power usage of the rest of the facility. And the arrays are (at maximum) sized to offset month (or yearly) energy bills (depends on the utility rate plans, seasonal power usage, and such)...

    Grid Tie systems are not designed to supply local/temporary power. And cannot (most systems) supply any power at all unless plugged into/sharing the Utility Power.

    There are "off grid" systems (with charge controllers, batteries, AC inverters) that can act like a generator set (power a sound system, some lights, etc.)--But I am not sure that is what you are asking for... Off grid power system are fairly expensive to build and operate... For weekend use (lights/sound), an AC generator is typically a better solution, if there is no utility power available.

    Near San Francisco California: 3.5kWatt Grid Tied Solar power system+small backup genset
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