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    You can't find the reference because once again you are not bothering to read my post, a problem I have noticed repeatedly. It says page 6 in the ph6/12 manual.
    We are totally failing to communicate so this thread is over.
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    Re: Paloma tankless--

    I am sorry that I didn't notice the fine print on page six,,, I did miss that. My only thought as to why they call for 40 psi is to ensure a consistent flow,,,

    Going back to your original post:

    "I'm very interested in your experience with the Ph6, since you use it like I would, i.e, lighting the pilot for each use. Just need showers. Unfortuanately, only the gargantuan and expensive ph24 is still available. I wonder if you have been lighting it several times a week for several years, or can I figure on having to use a match soon. Can it be lit with a match easily?. Do you drain it after every use in the winter? Seems like would be tolerable with the right drain valves. A risk to put such a big burner in small house and anyway cold can apparently come down vent so would have to build overhang for it outside.
    Anyhow I wonder what pressure you run it off of. I would need to test their assertion that 13 psi gives full performance. Any trouble with varying pressure like off a pressure tank?
    Also, if the shower head is right below heater how long do you think you would have to run water before is hot enough after starting up heater and how about when you turn flow off and on during shower?
    Sorry to ask so much, but any other observations/ negatives would be great."

    As I have said many times before,,,, and I will repeat once more,,, as someone who has been there,,, done that,, and you can use the information as you wish,,, I have used my PH 6 with my pump pressure set 30-50psi with beautiful results. We heat VERY cold water and have very satisfactory showers. I also know that I run a PH6 with gravity at ~ 12 psi and it too works quite well.

    While I don't have direct experience using the Ph12 30-50, I have used the Ph 12 on a gravity system at ~12 psi and it works fine.

    I'm sorry if I have not provided you with answers in the detail you wish. I really don't know what else to say. I have to add I am sorry for your tone.

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