DIY Install Rails N/S for Tilting Array?

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I am trying to design a system for the roof of a steel building that will go on our property. This will be an 11.5kW Off Grid setup with battery bank (Solar One HuP 6-85-31/48 ) that will power the house and shop. It is going to be an expansion of our current Single MidNite Classic 150 w/4 panels (expanding to 3x Classic150) 12v system used in the RV that we are staying in during construction. 12v Battery bank stays in RV.

The Panels Specs:

Q-Cell 255 Watt (231.8 PTC)

257.5 watts @ STC
189.7 watts @ NOCT

37.83 V
34.99 V

30.77 V
28.92 V

8.90 A
7.18 A

8.37 A
6.56 A

The shop will have a true south (180*) facing roof here in Wildomar, CA (33* Lat) with roof area 720" long by 216" wide with a 4.76* slope. There will be no shadows on the entire surface at any time. I want to be able to adjust the angles for the 4 seasons (2 Seasons at minimum). Manually climbing up and adjusting the legs isn't an issue as long as the rack has 5 panels (~225lbs) or less. Can rails be installed in a N/S configuration so I can hinge at the panels closest to the eaves? All installs I have seen pictures for are W/E orientation of the rails. If so, I have a design below that I think will work for a layout, but need to figure out the rail/hinge/legs parts. Looking at S-5! clamps for the steel roof. Any experiences with these? From there I will mount the pivot system and supporting/adjustable legs. Thinking of something like IronRidge XR1000 for rails. It has a 12' span capability that I should be able to work within by adding adjustable legs in the middle as well as end. Opinions? If I get limited to a single panel or landscape string on tilt, I don't have enough room up there for spacing the panels out of the shade of the ones in front of it when at the 30*/33*/54* (guessing as I can't figure out the shading programs!)..

Module Layout in portrait (N/S Rails) where I would lift/adjust the 3 panels (1 Series) at a time to the correct angle:
Attachment not found.

Module Layout in landscape (W/E Rails). Would need shading calculations for between these Series Strings and most likely won't have enough room on roof for all 45:
Attachment not found.

PVWatts Data with STC values (I should be somewhere in the middle of the 2 locations):
Attachment not found.

When PVWatts starts cooperating, I will add the same chart as above, but for the NOCT value of the array:

Sizing Tool results for all 45 Panels (there will be 3 Classic 150's controlling 15 panels each). STC (Left) and NOCT (80% of STC) right. The PTC rating is 231.8 Watts, but I can't find the VOC, VMP, ISC, or IMP @ PTC else I would add that too:
Attachment not found. Attachment not found.

This will be a new construction 2800sq' house with upgrades for energy efficiency/insulation. The major appliances will be propane, Geothermal HVAC, Solar Water Heater, etc. So I have no baseline measurements for how large of a system will be needed. I do have a 10kW Genset for backup/shop tools. Am I on the right track or am I missing anything major?
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