Going solar should be no more difficult than getting cable TV

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Americans love solar and recognize that beyond producing energy it powers us toward greater energy independence, combats global warming and lowers our utility bills. Getting a grid-connected home solar electric system up and running shouldn’t be particularly hard or time-consuming. Construction, on average, takes about two days. Yet, a report published recently by the National...



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    Don't get me started.... You can call up a heating and cooling contractor and get an A/C unit installed on your roof next week, no permit required, but - oh-no! you want solar on your roof? That needs exhaustive plans and engineering approval, utility approval, inspections up the whazoo etc. Solar is new and a threat to the status-quo so we get the special treatment.
  • jeffkruse
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    My system took two people 6 hours and one electrician 2 hours to install. Total time from signing the first documents to totally finished, over three months. 5 inspections of which 4 days needed to be taken off work to have someone home. $11K up front then the 30% fed credit and 10% state for a real cost to me of $6500 after filing next years taxes. This is for a 2.75KW grid tie micro inverter very simple system.