Beijing to Shut All Major Coal Power Plants to Cut Pollution

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feature-0-1427209238014.jpg Beijing, where pollution averaged more than twice China’s national standard last year, will close the last of its four major coal-fired power plants next year.



  • KenZ71
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    Wow, where they going to get the Natural Gas from? Their own domestic sources or imports? Could have a global impact on many fronts.
  • BB.
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    Apparently China has significant shale formations that could be larger than those in the US.

    As I understand, these deposits may be more difficult to recover energy from vs the US, and these formations are out in the middle of now where--Significant infrastructure would be needed.

    Won't be tomorrow, and if present oil and gas prices remain low--There may be even less push to drill those formations for the near term.

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    British Columbias' gov is pushing hard to get approval for another pipeline to the West Coast so that we can be a supplier for that consumption.... but the projects are getting hard resistance, we will just have to wait for the backroom boys to finish negotiations... also a lot of other players too
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