What's your prefered AGM batteries on a off-grid NEMA 3R enclosure?

gqrootgqroot Registered Users Posts: 22
I'm looking for a trusted brand battery that is maintenance free (set it and forget it for 3 years). I will be placing this on a light pole in a NEMA 3R enclosure. No running fans. The batteries I'm looking at are a pair of 6v ~ 100Ah or a single 12v. This will host a camera and repeater. I was trying to build an off grid rig like you would see on freeways where they have solar panels and a battery box. I like to open them up to see how they are built but I know I would get into trouble so that's why I am asking here.

I was looking into the two following brands: Concorde Sun-Extender AGMs or Trojan RE. If these brands are junk please let me know. Quality and most bang for the buck is what I am looking for.


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