Using the in-built wall outlets

K1ngN0thingK1ngN0thing Solar Expert Posts: 27
Is it feasible to connect a battery bank and inverter to the 120v plug of my camper in order to utilize the inbuilt outlets?

I'm also looking at a small solar panel to keep a single 12v battery topped up. How would connect to the battery. Do I need a charge controller?


  • K1ngN0thingK1ngN0thing Solar Expert Posts: 27
    Now my camper has a 30 amp plug, will using in conjunction with a 120v extension cord or inverter cause any complications I may not be aware of?
  • Alaska ManAlaska Man Solar Expert Posts: 252 ✭✭
    Not as long as you don't draw more than wire/breakers or inverter are rated for. Don't try to pull 30 amps out of a 5amp inverter as an example. Depending on the inverter and the power source, You might want to screw the door to your Microwave shut. ;-)
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    For starters, don't buy that "hockey puck" adapter, get a "dog bone" type instead. Safer since they can dissipate heat better.

    BUT, no you can't just plug your camper's plug into the inverter's outlet. The converter in the camper (which converts from 120 volts to 12 volts for the lights, etc) will have a large startup surge when first plugged in which will overload the inverter. Even if you get past that, the minimum continuous draw will be too much for the average inverter, also overloading it. The camper would need to be disconnected from the battery, too, since you would end up discharging the battery via the inverter while trying to then recharge it at the same time via the converter.
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