Max Amp Charge Setting for Crown Batteries W/ Morningstar TriStar MPPT-60

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I have a 24 volt system, with a 1000 W Solar Panel set. The Battery Bank consist of two strings of two 12 Volt Crown CR-185 Batteries. This system runs my home Refrigerator/Freezer while keeping the batteries at 20% DOD or less. It has been in service for a couple of months now, and I am quite pleased. When I was first setting up the system, I set the controllers max charge rate to 45 Amps, because the Crown documentation for my batteries said that they should be limited to 45 A. But since then I started thinking that with the 4 batteries set up as they are, may only allow the batteries to see half of the charge current as I am pretty sure they split the charge current in two between the parallel connection. Does this logic ring true to anyone else?


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    Yes, you are correct. Parallel connected batteries will each (on average) share about 50% of the current.

    Assuming all is going well (no bad connections, matched cable lengths between strings, etc.).

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