H4 to MC4 connector

I'm getting ready to install my system which will use Solar World panels that have H4 connectors. Do I need to find H4 to MC4 adapters before connecting to a Multibranch MC4 connector? Thanks for your help.


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    I am not familiar with H4 -- But if you can get Male/Female cables--Just cut the cables in 1/2 so you can wire into standard solar wiring/combiner box.

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    Thank you. I'm trying to avoid having to use a combiner box. I have read that the H4 connector will connect to MC4 but that over time they can breakdown due to poor fit or dissimilar metal.
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    You are not alone in wondering what to do. I do not feel the covers were pulled back far enough on this question. With all sorts of connectors out there of unknown quality, its dumb luck to find a matching pair. It would stand to reason the two on the panel will fit each other. I will be running 5 strings of 2 in series. Choice1 cut the connecting plugs off and but splice the 2 panels to gather then use the pig tells to connect to + - .Yes there goes the panel warranty. Choice 2 order new connectors and cut off the original ones. I was able to find multi contact mc4 connectors which I bought but my bubble was busted when they came marked ( made in china). I know its all in the specifications of the part. The very reason for my very first post. I have ben lurking for a long time and can not say enough good about this forum u all have my warmest thanks for it. Now WHATS TO BE DONE.
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    "The Amphenol Industrial Helios H4 Solar Connectors are fully intermateable with industry standard (MC4) connectors and are ready for field assembly with no small parts to lose. The RoHS compliant Helios H4 connectors are engineered to meet UL, TUV, IEC/CEI, NEC, and DIN V."
    This was taken from the Amphenol site
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    I picked up my panels yesterday and ask about the H4 connectors on the SolarWorld panels. They said that they are now doing two home a week and have not had any problems reported with mating the H4 to MC4. Is there a standard for PV connectors? If there is then any brand should work.
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