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   I have been a member of this forum for a couple of years but was unable to log-on using my "old" account info. Now to the point....I have a 12 volt system that includes one kc 120 and one kc 125 panel(s) with a prostar 30m controller and 4- T 105 batts. I plan to add 2 kc 130 panels this coming year and will add a pv combiner box to the array. Each panel will be wired to the combiner individually and then onward to the controller. The total run length from panels to controller is less than 10'. My question... What size wire should I use from the combiner box to the controller? OR how many amps is the #10 awg tray cable rated for?I am currently using #10 awg tray cable from the array to the controller and #8 awg from the controller to the batteries. I hope this makes sense. Thanks, Mark


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    Re: wire size

    "I have been a member of this forum for a couple of years but was unable to log-on using my "old" account info."
    yes, some accounts were deleted by wind-s2 that were inactive for awhile and some others by accident, but there's no problem getting back on here except for a few extra steps because of the spam problem we had at one point. there is insufficient info to calculate the answer you want because the run length needs to be known. we do encourage people to try to figure this out on there own with myself and another coming up with a freeware excel program that will help you do just exactly that. if you don't have excel there is a clone available too that works quite well and it's all on this thread for you to go over:
    do keep in mind that a wire run consists of 2 wires, one being positive and the other being negative so as an example a 50ft run would be 100ft of wire. it is the total wire footage that is needed on the calculator. if you have trouble let us know and we'll see if we can help you with it.