Anybody here that already lives off the grid 100%?

I'm curious as to what it takes to live off the grid, how much invested, done yourself or professional installation? If so, which company? After everything was said and done, what's the total cost to you?

I'm looking into a serious solar/wind overhaul, but I'm trying to get a feeling for those who have already done so. Thanks in advance for any and all help! :)


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    Re: Anybody here that already lives off the grid 100%?

    Rather than reinvent the wheel,, again and again, perhaps do a search here,, and start here:

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    Re: Anybody here that already lives off the grid 100%?

    I do. Grid and telecommunications is 20 miles away.

    Recently posted about how I approached it and why on another thread.

    Solar hybrid System componenets summarized in my signature.

    Phone system is microwave radio phone (shoebox sized transmitter/receiver mounted on ranch house) providing two phone and one data internet line.

    A few conservation items we planned out to size the photovoltaic system.

    Triple pane windows, reflective colored standing seam metal roof, R40 insulation all interior walls/attic/under roof areas including garage, R30+ Rastra insulated grout/steel filled block exterior walls, variable speed 18 SEER furnace/AC units & air handlers, flourescent bulbs/spots (of course), adjustable/retractable steel window shutters, heavily insulated garage doors, high end door weather seals, inverters with higher surge capabilities, energy efficient appliances/ceiling fans, fireplace and 1800 lower rpm generator.

    The system was professionally speced out and house rough in and solar electrical installed by one experienced residentail/commercially licensed electrician.

    This great forum covers how to roughly compute the cost of solar power for an Off Grid Application. In my case it was expensive up front but the investment wasn't made on the basis of cost alone but on lifestyle and land conservation merits.

    For various reasons, I considered and decided against a residential wind power application.
    Ranch Off Grid System & Custom Home: 2 x pair stacked Schneider XW 5548+ Plus inverters (4), 2 x Schneider MPPT 80-600 Charge Controllers, 2 Xanbus AGS Generator Start and Air Extraction System Controllers, 64 Trojan L16 REB 6v 375 AH Flooded Cel Batteries w/Water Miser Caps, 44 x 185 Sharp Solar Panels, Cummins Onan RS20 KW Propane Water Cooled Genset, ICF Custom House Construction, all appliances, Central A/C, 2 x High Efficiency Variable Speed three ton Central A/C 220v compressors, 2 x Propane furnaces, 2 x Variable Speed Air Handlers, 2 x HD WiFi HVAC Zoned System Controllers