TLG 500 Wind Generator



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    Re: TLG 500 Wind Generator

    Well I can chime in as a customer of mine has one. It was working fine and something flew into it (I am guessing at this) and bent the hub, the owner had some clowns working for him and they atempted to "fix" the bent rotor with a hammer. This caused it to vibrate badly at all speeds. They finally called me and I sel the hub and blades to TLG as balencing etc. didnt work (at this time they still had me in the dark) Terry at TLG had me call him and he let me know what he found, now understand he didnt have to do what he did next and that was send an new hub back so the TLG 500 would operate agai. When I put it back up (in Sept) all was well and working. I have now found out what happened to it and feel any company that backs their product so completly deserves praise. As for the clowns they are gone. I will be monitoring this for a while to see how it performs, So far this has withstood the gust high mtn winds in eastern AZ with gusts up to 60mph+ at times my wisper is no where near as well made.

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    Re: TLG 500 Wind Generator

    I could have bought a Yugo but the Lexus was available. They both do basically the same thing. But I prefer quality.
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