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Opinions, news, reviews, and questions about various specific solar and renewable energy products.

This section is about new products, what products "work as advertised", are good or not so good, and specific news about product manufacturers and/or products. This is NOT a ratings or bashing forum for companies that you have had bad experiences with - there are plenty of sites out there for that purpose, such as,, and the Google ratings.

"Vendetta" type attacks, where some product or some company is continually bashed with repeated similar posts and threads, will not be allowed. Such posts will be deleted, and if it persists you may be banned.

There is also a lot of hype and misinformation out there - so this section is also about what is really "green" and what is just BS.

Is this inverter a piece of junk? Is that battery as good as they say? Is it really green or just hype?

Had a good or bad experience with a solar or "green" energy product?

Updated April 9, 2012
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