For sale: new Uni-solar PVL-128 $500 OBO

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I bought this off ebay this summer, unrolled it on my deck once and tested it. Then I rolled it back up and stored it in my garage.

24v nominal.
here is a craigslist ad I made for it and didn't get any bites. Perhaps someone here could use it:

Brand-new, only un-rolled to test, never mounted only unrolled once on the deck in my backyard, tested in diffuse afternoon sun, and rolled back up. Very light for the power it generates.

complete specs are here:

compare at $900 list price

Field applied thin-film solar laminates can be applied to standing seam metal roofing materials in the field for a total custom look. You don’t have to compromise the aesthetics of your home to get the energy independence you want. The PVL Roofing Laminates are made exceptionally durable by encapsulation in UV stabilized polymers. Bypass diodes are connected across each cell, allowing the modules to produce power even when partially shaded. They come with the bonding adhesive factory applied on the back of the laminate. Lightweight, flexible product construction• Easy peel and stick installation • Roll shippable, UL listed, 20-year warranty (only on products installed by a Uni-Solar certified installer).
Maximum Power
128 watts

Voltage at Peak Power

Current at Peak Power

Short Circuit Current

Open Circuit Voltage

Dimensions (L x W x D) 216 x 15.5 (18' x 15.5")

20 years