outback mate - data analyzing softwares

Hi Niel

Do you know this soft supplied by Outback ?
Is the software supplied by outback efficient and useful, and are there other suppliers ?
Which price do you think I must budget for it ?ç

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  • niel
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    Re: outback mate - data analyzing softwares

    i'm not the right person to answer that question as i don't have an outback controller. very nice controller, but i budgeted lower for a different controller years ago that i can sometimes kick myself for. i'll let some of the guys with the controller answer the questions you may have about it.
  • crewzer
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    Re: outback mate - data analyzing softwares


    I’m not aware of any data analyzing software supplied by Outback for their Mate system controller and display. The Mate itself contains limited capabilities.

    There are a couple of third party software packages available. Right Hand Engineering makes the Winverter application, and Intellact makes WattPlot. I have a copy of Winverter, but that should not be considered an endorsement, as I've not done much the application, and I bought it before I knew about WattPlot.

    The OutBack forum might be a better place for information about, and assessments of, these programs.

    Jim / crewzer

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    Re: outback mate - data analyzing softwares

    Thks Crewzer & Niel

    the comparison page of wattplot could convice anybody


    I'll study these.