Kaneka GSA 60W Panels

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I'm wondering what you guys can tell me about these Kaneka GSA 60W 48v Panels are good for.

I see they have high Voltage but the amperage output looks like 1.19 amps. I like the size of panel over the 5ft tall panels but wonder what kind of output I could get with 4 of these panels and an Outback Flexmax 80 MPPT.

I know the MPPT will up the Amp's but I have no idea what I could expect to get running a 12v system with 4 of these panels. Any of you genius's have any ideas?


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    Re: Kaneka GSA 60W Panels

    each pv will yield .9a and not 1.19a. the 1.19a is the short circuit current. because you'll be downconverting the voltage from 48v to 12v (x4 current with /4 voltage) you will see .9a x 4 = 3.6a from each pv at 12v. if you parallel 4 of them then that's 3.6a x 4 = 14.4a plus any extra from mppt and going with 10% extra that'll be 14.4a x 1.1 = 15.84a.
    does this help?
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    Re: Kaneka GSA 60W Panels

    Yes Neil that helps out alot. Thanks for your time :)
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