Refer wiring

I have installed solar panels on an older motor home that originally had a gas/electric/dc refer. I also replaced the refer with a new gas/electric only refer. Would it be OK to use the existing #8 wiring that was for the dc power to the old refer to carry the current from the solar panel control to the battries.


  • icarus
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    Re: Refer wiring

    Wire is wire,,,,

    That said, what matters is how much current the wire is going to carry,,, both for loss, as well as for safety. #8 should carry ~40 amps depending on distance etc.

    Give us some idea of what it is you are trying to do,, eg size of panel distance to controller/battery etc. and we can give you a better idea.

  • niel
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    Re: Refer wiring

    when reusing wire, be sure there's good connections and verify that the wire is good by measuring the voltage drop and see if it is close to that which would be calculated for it.