New XW install

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Hi. I'm the guy who had the cooked SW4024s and couldn't get them repaired. Xantrex gave me a good deal on replacements and I have them installed. I'm getting a F66 error and the wiring is correct. They both work as they should when alone but won't work when connected through the Xanbus. Does anyone know how I can change the device name with the control panel? It sees them both as the same device and I went through all the menus and can't find where I can change one. Any help is appreciated.


  • arkieoscararkieoscar Solar Expert Posts: 101 ✭✭✭✭
    Re: New XW install

    I found it. I was tired and didn't go far enough in the menu. BTW- I bought charge controllers from the sponsor of this forum even thought they were not the cheapest but they did ship quickly.
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