weird effect pumping water

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hi there,

I have a new shurflo 2088 series pump, that has both connections for the hoses (IN and OUT) 1/2".

In an endeavor of hot-rodding and overclocking ;-) ... the pump for better performance, I replaced both hoses (IN and OUT) with 3/4" - by doing so, I tried different configurations (with and without strainers, which seem to be pretty restrictive).

Quite to my surprise, the "lowest resistance" path with 3/4IN and 3/4OUT did not present the best results - in this configuration there was quite some kind of f@rting going on in the 3/4OUT hose (air?).

The best configuration was 1/2"IN hose (with inline strainer) and 3/4"OUT hose.

can anybody explain why the highest flowing configuration did not work? - my guess is that there was more water in the IN-hose than the pump could vacuum up ... but I am not really sure ...

( fwiw: I was running a rotating sprinkler off a ground-level-well - so there was no lift going on)

thx for sharing your thoughts


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    Re: weird effect pumping water

    My guess... Momentum of the water... You get the "RAM" effect of loading the input of the pump (the "most difficult" part of getting water moving because the "most pressure" you can pull is 15 psi--vacuum).

    The outlet probably does not matter as much as your pump can output 40 psi (or more) on the output pulse...

    The other guess--is that perhaps the pipe material (hard or soft) may also play a roll (soft pipe collapsing on the inlet--also have the pipe absorbing pressure spikes as it expands and contracts with pressure/vacuum--may also affect inlet and outlet properties).

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    Re: weird effect pumping water

    Its easier to lift water thru a 1/2 pipe than a 3/4 pipe. The flow is low enough that the friction loss between the 1/2 and 3/4 pipe is negligable.

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