Mono-crystaline panels question

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I read somewhere that mono-crystaline solar panels are better for northern areas with snow, for example where I live (Montreal). Is this true? And why?


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    Re: Mono-crystaline panels question

    Mono-Crystalline are slightly more efficient (per sq. meter) so your panels can be slightly smaller for the same surface area. So, they can cost a bit more per watt...

    Some people also like the uniform black color of mono-crystalline vs the "shattered blue glass" look of the poly-crystalline panels.

    In general, both are equally good and long lasting (assuming they come from a reputable manufacturer)... If neither of the above are issues for you--then you generally purchase on a $$$/Watt (delivered to your door).

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    Re: Mono-crystaline panels question

    I dont know, but I'd think if they were better by design, all of the panels would be made in this way ...

    maybe they have a different "wattage derating for temps" or so

    but overall - it seems like marketing speak to me ...

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