Using 2 different brand panel.

I have 2 panels, one is Sharp the other is Sanyo.

Both have dfferent volt and amp, can I use them together., Is this safe?

Thank you.


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    Re: Using 2 different brand panel.

    It depends...

    If the Vmp of the two panels are close (16 vs 18 volts)--you can probably add them in parallel without much problem.

    If the Imp is close (within 10% or so), you can add them in series together without much problem...

    But, in the end, it depends. How many of which brand/model of panels, and what type of charge controller / load do you have (for Charge Controllers, is a PWM or MPPT type, etc.). If you add many panels in parallel (typically 3 or more), then you should have a series fuse inline with each panel to prevent against a panel getting an internal short circuit and melting/catching fire.

    You only have two panels--so, in your case, series fuses inline with each panel is probably not needed at at all (unless one panel is very large, and the other is very small).

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    Re: Using 2 different brand panel.

    Nothing can be paralleled with the Sanyos, they are a very odd ball voltage and require an Mppt controller.
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    Re: Using 2 different brand panel.

    use different controllers for each pv.