My XW6048 saga goes on....

Hopefully this is the best place for this one, and I pray I won't start a giant war like so many times starts in Code discussions.

I'm installing a XW6048 and XW E-Panel from Mid-Night Solar.

I will have 3 arrays goint to a MNPV3 and 2 arrays going to another MNPV3

Does anyone see any problem with using the INPUT breakers to the charge controllers as the Code Required "PV Source Circuit" Disconnects?"

From HomePower 118 page 104 I quote:

A Main DC PV Disconnect is required where the PV DC circuits from the PV array enter the building (Section 690.13;690.14) On a PV system, the main PV DC disconnect falls into this category if the PV DC conductors penetrate the house.

I'm trying to ensure my inspection is a one-stop, no arguments day

I sure would LOVE to see pics of someone else's install of a XW E-Panel.


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    Re: My XW6048 saga goes on....

    I'm not quite clear if you want to use the the breakers in the MNPV3 for your disconnect or not. I do know that the single breaker in the XW E-panel that connects the output from the combiner boxes to your charge controller input will be a legal PV disconnect for NEC.

    Is that what you mean ?

    Then again, I haven't looked real closely at the XW E-panel. Maybe Robin will pipe up with an answer here as well.

    boB :D
  • Solar GuppySolar Guppy Solar Expert Posts: 1,962 ✭✭✭
    Re: My XW6048 saga goes on....

    As posted on my forum, NEC 690.31 (E) allows the Charge controller breaker to be the disconnect of the PV source. ( exception allowed for NEC 690.13/14 requirement )

    In layman's terms, as long as the run from the entrance of the premise to the disconnect is in EMT, it is allowed. This was changed in NEC2005, previously EMT was not allowed and a disconnect had to be at the penetration point of the premise ( typically roof )
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