residential VAWT machines

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are there any real ones being sold now..???1 kw or more


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    Re: residential VAWT machines

    Just out of curiosity--while we are awaiting news/info from others--Why do you want/need a VAWT generator? Do you see advantages to them (besides the one I am aware of--more or less self governing in high speed winds)?

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    Re: residential VAWT machines

    vawts are smaller and seem to be mounted on short cheap, rooftop type setups..
    good wind machines are going to show up fairly soon, all kinds and that will be
    good. todays overpriced mediocrity is depressing and not worth buying.
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    Re: residential VAWT machines

    you will find that mounting any wind turbine on a roof is a bad idea. this puts a great deal of stress onto the roof and will send vibrations and noise to the house. also, don't think vertical axis wind turbines to need less space as they are in fact less efficient than the horizontal types and will need to be at least twice as big and maybe even 3 times as big as their horizontal counterparts in their wind capture area.
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    Re: residential VAWT machines

    Been a lot of publicity lately about them because Jay Leno installed one (Pacwind).

    But looking at the specs for it, the specs (as usual for wind generators of all types) are "over stated". That model may work better than most we have seen, but have yet to see any real field tests.

    They all seem to use something in the 28 to 35 mph bracked for their max specs, but very few locations have anything close to that on a sustained basis.