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I'm not sure this warrants a new thread but,

So for all the small scale wind naysayers out there here is an interesting link:

I did a search on this site and there is only one passing reference to these guys. I myself am a skeptic about small scale wind, but I like to keep my eyes open since I live in a fairly windy environment.

If anyone has ever seen one of these in the flesh I would be curious. It seems that they have some installations, so it is not quite vaporware, but I don't see one on every corner. Thoughts???



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    Re: Windside vat

    An earlier thread that mentioned these guys... But, that was me, just reading their specs. at that time... I have no new/additional/practical information about the company.

    I am not very big on home-sized wind turbines, and believe that many of the vertical turbines are mostly marketing hype. In a few situations VWT may make sense (very high speed wind where a HWT may have to furl or shutdown--whereas VWT tend to self limit their RPM's).

    If anyone has real information on these guys (or any small wind turbines)--please feel free to post.

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