Morningstar Relay Driver Problem

I've been using the Relay Driver for many months without a problem, until today. Using the MSView software, I wanted to view real-time data on an old laptop. I had a problem connecting with the rs232 interface. The relay driver reset itself unexpectedly. Now I am unable to reprogram the individual channels because I still can't connect using the rs232 interface. Anyone have any ideas? I've already tried all of the things Morningstar suggests in the manual. I'm using com port 1 and address 9. I've already tried a new rs232 cable, rebooted the computer, removed/reapply power to the relay driver, etc.


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    Re: Morningstar Relay Driver Problem

    John, I assume this is the same computer (you mentioned 'old') you last were able to connect to the relay?

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    Re: Morningstar Relay Driver Problem

    Yes, I've been using the same computer from the time I bought the relay driver. I've reprogrammed the relay driver several times with no problems. Today I tried to use MSView for the first time to look at real-time data. I also use a TriStar 60 Charge Controller. For some unknown reason, the relay driver reset (all red lights on). Unless someone here can suggest something to try, I'll call Morningstar Tech Support on Monday.
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