Solar system / How-to or tips ?

Hi guys !
I would like to setup a solar panel system on my front deck roof which is 32'...
I am planning on using 24 x 15w panels of 3'x1' I should get @ approx. 3.80$/w.
Can you tell me what I would be missing to connect it all as a primary energy system for my house, electrical system being the backup one then ?( im pretty new to all this and this should be a perfect continuity to my home automation system.

I have seen some power hubs out there and I am basically wondering how I should connect all this ? Anyone could skectch out a quick setup to give me an idea of the required equipment and work load ?

Thx !


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    Re: Solar system / How-to or tips ?


    Take a look at this link (Xantrex) or Outback for a quick description about solar -> electrical energy.

    In the end, practical solar electric power requires you to 1. Conserve, 2. Understand your power needs, and 3. spend quite a bit of money to achieve.

    24x 15 watt panels isn't much... But you may be talking about 24x 150 watt panels--a goodly amount for running a reasonably efficient home.

    But, remember, solar electric power is not cheap--it makes sense to run electronics, pumps, and such--but very little sense to run electric heaters.

    So--while you are getting a good price per watt for your solar panels, you will need other equipment to control the DC solar power (AC Grid Tied Inverter, Solar Charge controller, and/or a hybrid system). Plus, batteries.

    It is difficult to create one post that will give you a list and instructions how to build your system... And without knowing your requirements, it is difficult to even guess what your desires/needs are...

    Grid Tied solar (no batteries) is the cheapest and best way for people to get solar PV power into their homes. However, it requires permission from your electric utility and local building department. And, does not work during power failures. In the US--you are talking around $0.25-$0.35 per kWhr (before rebates and tax credits) over 20-25 year system life (full turnkey install, permits, etc.).

    Off Grid (lots of batteries) works anywhere (you have good sun). Generally you will need a backup generator (winter/bad weather)--and the 20 year life will be $1.00 per kWhr or more for electric power.

    There are hybrid systems which can do both grid tied and off grid power--probably closer to $1.00 per kWhr in cost.

    I guess you are somewhere in Quebec, Canada--so the system costs there may be a bit more than we pay here (at least, at the moment).

    Anyway--how much power do you need, Grid Tied or Off-Grid power (or hybrid). If you are trying to do this yourself--you will need to do a lot of reading and, if grid tied, probably need a licensed electrician to help you meet the code/utility requirements.

    Near San Francisco California: 3.5kWatt Grid Tied Solar power system+small backup genset
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