Solar Power Apps 2008 - SopoApps - Win up to $50,000

Sopogy - - a US based Solar Thermal Company bringing a new solar technology based on Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) to the market. We call this MicroCSP and has been proven to be used for solar driven air conditioning, power generation and industrial heat processes.

CSP has been in use in the USA for over 30 years and our technology approach has reduced the collector size and has been created for scalable applications. We’re now trying to find new and unique uses of our technology as it applies to thermal and mechanical engineering.

To do this we created a contest called Solar Power Applications 2008 (SopoApps 2008). We’re looking for the best thermal engineers to participate and design projects using Sopogy's MicroCSP technologies.

We’re offering $50,000 in cash prizes for this contest. Full details can be found at
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