Concorde SunXtender and Lifeline

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Concorde makes a SunXtender Battery as well as a Lifeline battery. As far as I can tell, the batteries are almost completely identical. Does anyone know what the difference between the two lines is?


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    Re: Concorde SunXtender and Lifeline

    Our host has an explanation of the differences.
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    Re: Concorde SunXtender and Lifeline

    I faced the exact same situation. When I purchased sealed AGM batteries for our off-grid system, I was choosing between the Concorde SunXtender and Lifelines. When you look at the warranty for the Lifelines closely, you'll notice that for the "All Other Applications" category that you get 3 months free replacement, and 9 months of pro-rated coverage. This is inferior to the SunXtender warranty of 12 months free replacement. However, if you're using the batteries for RV or Marine use, then, yes, the Lifelines have a much better warranty as they are covered for 5 years (60 month pro-rated) replacement.

    See for the Concorde Lifeline battery warranty explanation. It's somewhat confusing in that, given the intended usage, you get wildly different coverage.

    We chose to go with the SunXtenders because of the better warranty for off-grid (non RV/Marine) usage.
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    Re: Concorde SunXtender and Lifeline

    in a talk i had with concorde they say that lifelines are not warranted for solar applications because they made the sunxtender specifically for that application.
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