Hydrometer question?

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Hello All!

Is this a good, serviceable hydrometer? If not can someone recommend one that will do the job with out breaking the bank?


Many thanks



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    Re: Hydrometer question?

    With any hydrometer, make sure you rinse them out with a couple of pulls of distilled water before putting it away.

    I don't know about that one--But this has been working well for people:


    Attachment not found.

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    Re: Hydrometer question?

    Thanks for the speedy reply!

    While that one is very nice and if it were available at that price w/ two day shipping, I'd get it, I wonder if it's made in China.

    However, I could use it *yesterday* and it's not available from Amazon. After looking at the reviews of this one - I'll keep looking...

    Many thanks

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    Re: Hydrometer question?

    Hi Saburai,

    The Hydrovolt , I believe is made in Germany.

    The sponsor of this site stocks them in AZ:

    If you need a Hydro today, perhaps if there is an Auto Parts store, like NAPA close to you, you could have something to use in the interim.

    The Hydrovolt works well, easy to read, and seems accurate. FWIW, Vic
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    Re: Hydrometer question?

    Many thanks to all!

    Amazon has a good selection of prime eligible hydrometers, it's just hard to tell which are junk and which will do the job...


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