Greetings - Q on Sonali Panels

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Hello my grid tied brethren,
As an off-gridder I rarely come over to this side of the forum. But today I thought, why not.

I have a panel question. I am expanding my ~2000 watt array with a new string consisting of 3 Sonali 250 watt panels. I have a related off-grid thread about how this panel would work with my system, so no need to go into the off-grid details.

I was just wondering if anyone had experience with this type of panel from Sonali. It's not just my small expansion that I have in mind. I have also brought up this panel to a relative who may buy lots of them.

The Sonali frame is a little thinner than my SPI 220 Monos, but they are roughly the same dimensions otherwise (they are polys but I don't think that really makes a big difference). Basically, they are a 60 cell grid-tie type panel, so I thought they may be popular with the grid-tie community.

It should be an easy add since I have a Midnite prewired combiner box with an available fuse (the 4th one) ready to connect.

If you have these Sonali's I'd be interested in your experience with their quality & performance. Thanks! SP
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