Tree turbine array

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Interesting idea, though very expensive for what it is. Link to article below, complete with embedded YouTube video.


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    Re: Tree turbine array

    like most art - it is very impractical...
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    Re: Tree turbine array

    Let somebody else spend their money first...

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    Re: Tree turbine array

    Lightweight so that it starts spinning in 4.4 mph wind. But cube law for power versus wind speed for constant projected area means that not much power will be available at that speed.
    Also lightweight so it comes apart in heavy winds?

    Each turbine and branch causes turbulence that may affect other turbines. Vertical axis (VAWT) means that it does not have to yaw to follow wind direction, but is no better than horizontal (HAWT) at dealing with turbulence. Also pretty close to the ground for good wind.
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    Re: Tree turbine array

    I love the idea, and just think of the racket when the bearings on those 72 virgins - - er - - artificial leaves start to squeal like a tree full of pigs! :D:D:D
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