Energy use? Or Transformer oil for cooking?

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Vandals smash electrical transformers to steal viscous fluid that's later sold as cooking oil for roadside stalls.
Loaded with deadly PCBs? Not to worry, five litres of the viscous, PCB-laden liquid sells for $60. It looks like cooking oil, but lasts much longer, users say.


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    Re: Energy use? Or Transformer oil for cooking?

    I used to work at Westinghouse that made the similar transformer that was pictured. There was a lot of asbestos used as insulation in the coils wound for them. Those transformers are considered hasardious waste now when they get reclaimed. I don,t know for sure but I thought the oil used as coolant was similar to diesel fuel. We had a man fall indide a manhole on one of the large distribution transformer. They had to take him to the hospital to get all cleaned up. Solarvic
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