Is this reverse osmosis or something else?

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Howdy again. I was out doing some research on things for the bus conversion I'm doing and ran across this filter while hunting. It's 0.2 which is what I'm after as I want to be able to take in pretty much any kind of water into the holding tank in the bus and filter it down to a safe drinkable level (I want to do the same with the house too, but that's another story and an entirely different setup, albeit somewhat similar) by the time it leaves on its journey out of the water closet and into the tap. Anyhow, in the process of my research I came across this.

I'm not sure if that's RO or just a normal fiber/ceramic/other type filter that happens to do 0.2 microns. Anyone know what this is, and would it make a good filter in the bus? Yes, I know that I'd need like 8-10 of these in parallel to get the necessary 2+gpm on my faucet, but if it gets me pure water, I'm willing to go that way. Now if you know of a 0.2 similar to this that'd give more GPM than this one, I'm game on that too. I don't want RO as I don't like the idea that it 1) wastes a lot of water, and 2) strips out everything, including minerals, leaving only H2O and nothing else. Hence why I'm asking as it is listed as a "membrane", hence my thinking that it's RO.


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    Re: Is this reverse osmosis or something else?

    I think this is a good Wiki Article on that type of filter:

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    Re: Is this reverse osmosis or something else?

    Ultrafiltration is a tad coarser than reverse osmosis. From coarse to fine is this: strainer, filter, microfiltration, ultrafiltration, RO.

    If you are concerned with micro-organisms, UV disinfection may be a viable alternative to RO. However, they both have specific installation requirements and maintenance quirks.
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    Re: Is this reverse osmosis or something else?

    Okay, thanks guys. :)
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