RNG-Bend-100D Anyone use these?

Presently I have a solar setup for our t@b camper. I have a 260W 32V 8.8A panel measuring 65X39 inches. I am using Midnight Solar Kid as the charge controller and Bogart engineering Trimetric meter to manage the batteries. I am charging 2 6v AGM 225AH batteries wired in a series for a 12v system. I have a 50ft 8 gauge cable from the CC to the PV. This setup allows me to put the panel in the sun and the small teardrop camper in the shade. It all works well with one exception. The problem is the physical size of the panel moving it from the camper to the tow vehicle while travelling. As such I am considering purchasing these light weight Renogy bendable panels as I could make a collapsible wood frame for these and they would be easy to maneuver. I have not heard/read too many reviews on how well they work. If anyone has some insight I would appreciate it. At $2 a watt they are not cheap and it would be even worse if they do not work well.


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    Re: RNG-Bend-100D Anyone use these?

    Welcome to the forum John.

    I assume these are the panels you are looking at?


    Personally, I am not a fan of plastic panels. And these panels only have a 5 year warranty (probably reasonable, 20+ years for a glass+framed panel).

    HOWEVER, in an application like yours where you are moving panels/setting up/etc... The chances of breaking a 200+ watt panel (handling, wind blowing over, etc.) is probably greater than the life of the small panels (assume that much of the time the panels are simply stored between trips?).

    You could also look at 3x Kyocera 140 watt panels (good vendor, smaller size)--But you still have the fragility of glass+backing/thickness of the frame, and handling/staking down in wind/people tripping over cables/etc. I would still be tempted with the Renogy panel (I have not used them, so I cannot talk about them that way).

    Amazon has very good reviews--About the only concern seems to be the Jbox (diode box) may have sealing/mounting issues (one comment only). Treat it carefully (avoid tugging on wires/jbox) and it should be OK(?).

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    Re: RNG-Bend-100D Anyone use these?

    I have one, plan for 4 more. LOVE IT, monocrystaline, makes great power on even cloudy days. It has the same snow and pressure rating as my mothers kyocera panels at half the cost. The company who sells them has pretty decent customer support as well.
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    Re: RNG-Bend-100D Anyone use these?
    Deveak wrote: »
    makes great power on even cloudy days.

    No it doesn't. That just isn't possible.
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    Re: RNG-Bend-100D Anyone use these?
    Deveak wrote: »
    monocrystaline, makes great power on even cloudy days.

    If the clouds are thin and the day "cloudy bright", you will get some output, perhaps even over 50% that of full sun. However during periods of thicker clouds the output will be very little, and in thicker overcast, the output will be nothing at all, zero watts.
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    Re: RNG-Bend-100D Anyone use these?

    I haven't bought one yet, but it seems like a good panel for charging my Goal Zero Yeti 400 (now that Goal Zero sells MC4-to-8mm adapters).
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