Arizona’s Largest Utility Plans Tax On Solar Leases

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This headline on solar leases from an*investment site*caught my eye: “Solar Leases Set To Become Toxic in Arizona.” Drawing free renewable energy from the sun sounds like a grand idea to*many*– but not if*you happen to be a utility company operating with a business model based on the selling...

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    Re: Arizona’s Largest Utility Plans Tax On Solar Leases

    Solar-Dave you will like this one:

    The problem is, this is only part of the equation. Solar power and energy efficiency also provide great societal and grid benefits. Solar energy and energy efficiency are not “problems” and should not be punished. The pricing system may need to change, and the business structure of these utilities certainly needs to, but taxing exactly the cleantech solutions we need right now is not helpful for society as a whole.

    News of the rate increase has some crying foul, of course. The list includes Court Rich, an attorney for the Alliance for Solar Choice. Quoted on Daily Kos, he said.

    “SRP might as well simply outlaw solar within its service territory if it is going to hit people with a $50 to $100 charge for their right to use the sun.”

    “This proposal means that as of December 8, there will be no more solar industry in SRP’s service territory, and they make this decision without public input and without a board vote,” he said. “Do the members of the SRP board really want to be known for taxing solar out of existence in the sunniest state in the country?”
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