QUick question about Soladeck and Enphase Engage cables.

Okay for a little background set up. This system is a 4.4kW 16 panel 275W SolarWorld setup with 16 M250 Micro-inverters. Simple enough huh? Trouble is the area is split 9 panels on the right and 7 panels on the left. We would like no conduit exposed on the roof, so I figured 2 soladeck junction boxes underneath the array. In the soladeck box on the right I would transition from the engage cable to 12AWG-3 Romex until I got to the other solardeck box on the left. In the left soladeck box we'd convert back from romex to engage cable finish the circuit and then back into the same soladeck box on the left hand side. I draw a blank whether or not the second soladeck box will hold 2 sections of engage cable and 2 splices from standard romex. I know the DIN rail is 6" which doesn't seem like enough. Can I add another din rail to the junction box on the left or shouldI add a 3rd junction box to get to the meter (outside the house and practically below the left soladeck box.

The drawing isnt complete but I was hoping there would be a cheap alternative to just buying another engage cable... we want to keep this to a 20A breaker.

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