really basic wiring question

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I think I getting burnt out on planning all of this. I should be able to figure this myself, but ..


I'm using illuminated switches that requre ground for the led. Is there any reason that the ground to the led needs to be different than the ground to the load that the switch is providing power to? or should I run a separate wire to the ground coming from the same - buss? or from a separate - buss? frame ground? I am using a separate ground for each load, but they all come from the same buss.

Too much thinking - toasted!! Brain should have been fused. Thank you.


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    Re: really basic wiring question

    Basic 12vdc wiring: the ground is common.
    You need to take a break from this stuff now and then! :)
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    Re: really basic wiring question

    Think of the ground as a car chassis then only the positives need insulating and switching. So you could pick up a earth connection for the led switch from the nearest ground source.

    HTH Nigel
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    Re: really basic wiring question

    thanks, the ground is a car chassis ;)

    So I can tie the ground for the switch led to the load ground. I was concerned with the potential being different or something.

    I will take a break and build the camper. Part for my saw should be here tomorrow. No more electricity stuff until I get the solar. Now just carpentry and painting.

    Thanks all.
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    Re: really basic wiring question

    Just a little warning, do not try to use two switches to run one device. Most of that type of switch will short the plus side of the load ( fan ) to ground when in the off position. Found this out the hard way when wiring some fog lights on my truck many moons ago.
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    Re: really basic wiring question

    At first I was thinking that I should have a switch for the lights at each end of the camper :D I decided that it was too much trouble & that I could go the 7 feet from one end to the other to turn the lights. I'll probably put in a 'porch' light or a little light near the door knob/lock.

    No, 1 device per switch & 1 switch per device unless I put in a switch that turns off power to several switches so I can shut it all down.

    Just checked, in off position all three terminals are isolated, in on position, terminal 1 & 2 are shorted, 3 is open.
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