Got me a new battery today

Captain chunky
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I think I found the battery's I'll be using exclusively. the Deka Unigy 12V 145AH , . I'll be getting more as I scale up. I only have 2 100w panels as of now.


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    Re: Got me a new battery today

    I find it interesting that they list this battery's capacity based on a C/8 rating, rather than the more-common C/20 rating. Looking at this table, my guesstimate for this battery's C/20 rating would be in the ballpark of 160Ah.
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    Re: Got me a new battery today

    Capacity ratings are given on a basis of intended use. If the C/8 rating is the only one given then these batteries are probably not suitable/not normally used for RE.
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    Re: Got me a new battery today

    Deka info sheet on that battery ... the giveaway on this page is the listed life: 10 years at float. It's intended use is to be on float and only used as a power backup...

    ...and from the manufacturer... listed as a telecom battery

    If it has not actually been purchased yet, don't. If it has been purchased, can it be returned?
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    Re: Got me a new battery today

    Yes I can return, but a lot of guys are using them with good feedback. I only paid 100$, I can trade out inside the year warranty he said. Any suggestions, I'm a Newb by the way. I'm just happy to have a pump running 12hrs a day , Christmas lights for 3hrs a day and a 5w led in the DC load plug in on the charge controller. Battery at sundown was 12.42 80% not bad, and everything shuts off via timer till sun up. , Q: how much LED's will the DC load on A 30A CC run? Thanks for the feedback.
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    Re: Got me a new battery today

    Ask your dealer for a model that is NOT designed for "Float Service", ie it is designed for partial discharge and recharge. Float ones are meant for emergency discharge and sometimes to 90% DoD and then recharged quickly to sit until the next emergency
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    Re: Got me a new battery today

    capt Chunky
    I know of 4 different users of those batteries down here in Baja, using them off grid and they have been going over 5 years now, so they may not be the best battery but probably adequate for what you are doing.
  • Captain chunky
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    Re: Got me a new battery today

    @ Larry , funny you say that, i was talking about them with my battery guy and while I was there someone from Baja purchased 30 of them 😯 thanks man.