The biggest solar farms around the world

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Solar panels have become an integral part of many households, as they help bring down electricity bills considerably. However, solar panels are not just a part of household but serve as big contributors for the power companies as well. In recent years, several manufacturing units in different...

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    Most of use are already familiar with the current situation. There is one of our members in Hawaii that has a pretty large system going through a test shakedown. The issue with solar product especially with batteries is that they have gone through 3 revisions in a very short time (to fix previous issues) and are having financial difficulties and are laying people off. Maybe they will turn the corner and get some traction with their latest technological updates.
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    This is almost off topic compared to those mentioned.  Our town just put up 3,000 solar panels on an old landfill, land that you can't build on or would want your children to play on. Co-ops are also forming for those people that can't or don't want to put panels on their property can buy into a solar farm. That is a novel development.
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