Will this still work?

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In 2000 I installed a Dankof solar pump with 4 80 watt panels on a tracker panel mount. There was the required controller in place. The pump ran flawlessly for two years then quit. I pulled pump and sent it to dankof for repair ect. They told me diaphram was bad and there were no parts available.
I gave them 40 bucks to take apart to tell me that and I suspect they already knew. They wanted more $ to ship back to me. They ended up with the scrap SS value to go with the money I spent on brushes for a pump that wouldn't pump.
Any way these panels have been on the stand the past 8 years and I need to know are they any good? They have not been charging batteries or running any other DC items.
I am finally getting a grundfos pump to get back to water pumping. I was told that the grunfos will not need a controller since i run from sun up to sundown and put water into 3300 gal tank with overflow into pond for wild life and cattle when they jump fence.
Am I going to need new panels? Has the cost come down in the past 8yrs?
I pump from 320 ft including lift to top of storage tank.
Any tips?


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    Re: Will this still work?

    As long as the panels are not broken or have water leaks, and the wiring is OK--then they should be just fine (you can use a DVM to check voltage and amperage--and/or put a light bulb on as a load to check).

    Pump wise, the Grundfos pumps look great (I don't have a well). They have a pretty good set of instructions on how to size the pumps for your needs.

    You can get a smaller pump and size to your panels, or size the pump to your needs and add panels (if needed).

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    Re: Will this still work?

    It is interesting what you have to say about your "Dankoff" pump! After much research via this forum and elsewhere, I purchased and installed 2 Dankoff pumps about 14 months ago. I didn't quite get the 20 years life from them that Conergy state is possible. In fact one has failed totally after only 13 months. ONE month out of warranty.
    Conergy, to date, are not replying to correspondence re a "partial" warranty claim.
    Spare parts???? Only complete pump heads are available at around US$250 (delivered Australia). Really all I need is a spare set of vanes!
    So far, not so happy with Conergy and their Dankoff pumps!
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