Mounting on tile roof

I have a simple beginner question. How do I attach PV panels on a concrete tile (barrel type) roof? If I have to drill through the tile into the the roof beams how do we make it leakproof? I know that water always has a way finding a way to leak in.



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    Re: Mounting on tile roof

    Hi, Tomas!

    As I understand it (and experts can correct me), generally, you remove a tile, then attach a standoff to the roof below.  From then on, the standoff is treated the same as a vent pipe - a metal flashing (probably soft metal, so it can be molded to the shape of the tile is added for waterproofing.

    The mounting structure for the panels then attaches to the standoffs.

    You can try looking at websites for the companies that sell mounts, for example,, for ideas.
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    Re: Mounting on tile roof

    maybe that will work.