Fujitsu heat pumps. ??

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I have been reading about these and am impressed by their 24/26 SEER ratings, I have also read what seemed like knowledgeable comments stating the customer service, warranty support and parts supply was not very good, and that the models were frequently changed, aggravating the parts issue. Hoping to clear the air with first hand information. I guess the question, would you buy one for your mother.


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    Re: Fujitsu heat pumps. ??

    I just bought these: 9,000BTU $680 22seer 12,000BTU $747 20seer

    I am amazed at how little energy they use (and dead quiet) and I am in the center of super-hot-Florida.

    My A/C guy who installed them said he could not tell the difference between them and the Mitsubishi's that are 3 times the price. The only have a 5 year warranty, but for the price, you can't beat it. Even if there were a parts issue 5 years from now, you could simply buy it again and your investment/loss is only about $100 per year.
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