Outback OpticsRE Cloud based monitoring

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I never saw anyone mention it here but Outback finally released their cloud based system monitoring.
Actually by the end of the year you will be able to "control" your outback equipment remotely also.

I just signed up for it and got it working (with minimal issues - still a few bugs here and there).

Looks pretty neat. I'd say a MUST for installers. It actually logs everything you do (or the homeowner does) from the Mate3.
So if someone changes a setting, you see it in the log: old value vs new value. No more excuses from the homeowner claiming "I didn't do anything" now :)

It has some nice graphs, etc. It's $100 if you bought your Mate3 or AXS prior to March 1st (I believe that is the date) or free if you bought it after that date.

They have a demo here:

Also: You only need an OUTBOUND Internet connection. Meaning (for people like me) on Cellular Internet where they block INCOMING requests and/or your public IP is NAT(ed) (also like me) so you can't even get to your system because your public IP is behind the ISP's firewalls. I know that may be to technical for some people but just know that it is a GOOD thing that it doesn't need that kind of bi-directional communications.
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