***New Stuff*** Enphase AC-Battery for Residential Storage


MicroInverter inside a box full of Li-ions

Sounds really cool, plug-n-play



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    Just watched a TV show where they installed five (5) Enphase 1.2 kwh AC Batteries into a typical Hawaiian home.
    The 5 AC Batteries would run the home from sunset, to sunrise.
    Each AC Battery Pack costs about $2,000 x 5 = $10,000 total and might need replaced every 10 years or sooner.
    There was no Air Conditioning in the home.
    It appeared the 12 roof-mounted Solar Panels generated 14 kwh daily and the home consumed 14 kwh daily
    The shows host stated,"The power company no longer allows any new PV installations to export power into the grid"
    Zero export of Solar Electricity into the grid is called "Consumer Self Supply" or CSS.
    But due to cancellation of projects that were previously approved but will never be built 
    the Hawaiian Power Utilities Commission recently announced that limited "Consumer Grid Supply" or CGS is now available.

    Once the maximum Residential Export Power capacity is installed and operating then
    the Hawaiian Power Utilities Commission will shutdown any new Net Export into the Grid

    Too much Net Exporting of solar power makes it difficult for Central Power Station to the supply the correct Base Load power and Peak Load power.
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