Great quantity of solar energy constantly

It's mine, what do you think?...


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    Re: Great quantity of solar energy constantly

    i suppose it'll work ok, but without tracking it'll only do that as well as you expect it to during certain times of the day if properly kept clean. as to making it a giant battery cell is concerned it is also very interesting, but without more cells like it you won't get a usable voltage. let us know real world what you do with it as it is useless if not used.
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    Re: Great quantity of solar energy constantly

    It works every hour of the day because solar radiation is only energy(Venus show it, it has on the ground the same solar radiation of the earth but its temperature is around 450 °C!).
    As you can see a lot of energy can be stored with heat that produces easily electric energy.
    There is no problem about electric energy production from all that heat always at around 800°C...

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