Attn Beta Kid Testers: Firmware 1761 Released

ILFEILFE Solar Expert Posts: 364 ✭✭
Mario wrote:
For all the Beta Testers please upload this new revision of code.

What's New:
-It has many bug fixes
-More Calibration adjustable Settings
-New Scroll Status only Displays Features turned on
-Status voltages now more stable
-Load Menu does not include the Input selection
-New About Kid menu under Tech, displays Bootloader and Firmware Versions
-This code features Smart night light on load terminal and AGS on the Aux terminal.

Uploading this Firmware will force a Factory reset, it was a must because there were major changes all the way to the core of the program.

Please Let me know of any issues or concerns or questions.


Follow this link to download Firmware v1761
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