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Hi I have a good friend who lives Poulsbo WA, USA he has bought a 10kw 8000w continuous petrol gen for power outages this coming winter. He has a distribution board with a 200 amp main breaker. He would like a suitable transfer switch to allow him to bring his genny on line and notify him when the grid comes back. Im not completly ofay with US 220v split 110v systems at all can anyone suggest an affordable solution for me to relay to him



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    OK I thought this would have had more response the only thing that Ive come up with today is Then check out ther 50 amp transfer switch.
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    Re: Transfer Switch

    Sorry to be fair to our host look hear Is this suitable ?
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    no you are going to need one rated at 200 amps to handle the house when it is on the grid. the transfer switch has to be rated for the highest rating of the 2 supply's. check out your local electrical supply house for manual or automatic transfer switches
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    i don't think the switch is the problem, but when people see automatic notification of grid return, now that may throw them. a switch for here in the states will be 2 switches in 1 when dealing with our 240vac because of it being 2 120vac legs with a common neutral. if both aren't switched then the one that isn't will still be live to the neutral and we don't switch out the common neutral because it will be live across the other 2 leads. you most likely only need one leg of the dual switch, but you will still have to observe current ratings on the switch. 50a should just cover 10kw by calculated current ratings, but you may want or need a higher current rating due to the normal household current flowing through that same switch and must be rated as much as your main breaker. as to notification of grid return, he may have to devise something for that.
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    Check with local elec. provider, they might provide option for installing meter socket transfer switch like this or this . Those have contact rating matching the 100A or 200A service panel.
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    Take at look at the hits from this Google search:

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