Found a black on black panel that exceeds its white/silver counter part

Dealing with a few of my distributors haggling pricing on panels.

One of my distributors and I argued that I don't buy black on black because of the summer time depreciative PTC putput.

Well low and behold the SUNIVA OPT-60-4-1B0 (Black on Black) PTC 242.0, the SUNIVA OPT-60-4-100 (White on Silver) PTC 240.3.

After much discussion with the distributor, and talks with suniva. It appears that it is a cell assortment from the 280 and 290 discontinued panels.

Both the black and the white are flash tested at 270Wp so the black on black in this instance is a better deal than the white on silver, at the same cost per watt.
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