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I saw a link to a post discussing the change over point for battery bank voltage
but now unnable to find the link
anyone help


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    Re: 24v

    There isn't actually any specific point to go from 24 to 48 Volts but there are a few guidelines based on maximum power delivery and stored capacity.


    There's the "single controller" rule-of-thumb too: 80 Amps is the largest controller you can get so if the battery bank needs to be larger than that it's a good idea to go up in Voltage if possible or else you run the added expense of an additional controller.

    Keeping the current and Voltage sag at acceptable levels is also a factor. For that you need to know what the system would be like at 24 Volts: wire sizing, length, current. Then compare it to the same power system at the higher Voltage.

    Some people pick 2kW inverter as a 12 Volt limit, 4kW for 24 Volts, and anything over that would be better as 48 Volts. But it makes a difference if the load is an occasional peak or a steady demand.
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    Re: 24v

    Thank you
    that was the post i was looking for
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